Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tumblr account

Hi , Long time no posts . To anyone interested ive started posting on tumblr if you want to follow me on there so i look forward to seeing you there .

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Hi all i haven't posted for ages as theres nothing been happening on the spanking front , Kim and i are fine , no marital issues we just don't get the time or chance lately due to working and the kids . Anyway that changed yesterday as Kim gave me the first slippering for months , We were doing the Christmas shopping for a few last presents and as always the shops are rammed on the run up to Christmas and she was becoming more and more irritated with all the pushing and queuing . Anyway we were in this department store at the perfume counter and a very pretty sales assistant was walking to her counter and Kim cut her up , but i stopped and gave way to her , she smiled and thanked me to which i smiled back and said no problem . Then as Kim puts it she had the audacity to try and serve us .. suffice to say Kim bought nothing from her lol . Anyway as we left the shop Kim started with " you fancied her didn't you ".. i laughed and said she was attractive which added fuel to her fire the mood darkened as we finished our shopping and when we returned home Kim said she felt aggressive and needed to relieve her aggression on my backside so she dragged me upstairs retrieved a slipper thankfully it was only a light mule , told me to take down my jeans and bend over the bed i duly did and the next ten minutes Kim whacked me as hard as she could with that flimsy slipper which as I'm so unused to spankings lately stung like the dickens leaving my bottom as red as a pillarbox unfortunately the video camera battery was as flat as a pancake so there is no accompanying video for your entertainment . hopefully i will get chance to record a few slipperings over the festive period .
this slipper

Friday, August 31, 2012

new slippers

I forgot to post earlier in the week that we went shopping at the weekend and purchased some new spanking slippers , well not technically slippers more of a flat sandal .. heres a pic

and can i just say they are proper evil .. i bought kim them in pink and black they're solid rubber or a flexible plastic and they sting like nothing else i've felt , by far the worst slipper i've ever had . kim has only given me a few smacks with them and i've wriggled away every time because they sting so bad . I'm not looking forward to a good dose of these . But i do have a long session coming , kim is very eager to give me a long slippering after my reaction to just the odd smack she's tried many times this week and i've found a convenient excuse to avoid them thus far . So if you come accross these mel sandals avoid them at all costs or dont expect to be sitting down .. i'll keep you posted after my first session if i dont happen to video it .


Here's a new slippering video , hope you enjoy it .. And to those who asked i will post some pics of nikki when i've scanned them which may be a while but it will happen eventually . Also when i have the time i will recount another slippering story featuring nikki and her nan .. but the best by far are the ones from the babysitter .. man was she a spanking fan ..

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Slippering recollection

Hello , I thought i would post on here as i haven't for a week or so . The reason for my post is i answered a question asked in the group just slippers and it got me thinking and i thought I'd post a recollection . The question asked was about a particular type of slipper sole and weather anyone remembered such a sole . My reply was yes i remember the same type of slipper and this was my response . I remember the slipper type very well about 20 years ago my girlfriend at the time , her name was " and still is " Nikki .. real name !! well she was about 16 we'd been going out with each other for about 6 months she was a stunning girl very slim and pretty . I will post a genuine pic of her when i've scanned one and update this post so you can picture her i have loads as she loved wearing and sharing my passion for fluffy slippers and was only too happy to pose for me . At that time i was dom and loved spanking her usually with slippers and she didn't mind too much as she was used to slipperings and hard spankings because as she recalled many instances of spankings throughout her childhood it appeared that just about everyone in her family had slippered her at some point . Mum , dad , nan , aunts , uncles a teacher and a particularly mean babysitter who regularly spanked her growing up . and she recounted most of her spankings too me in minute detail .. And i mean every detail i asked her if she made anything up just to tease me and she said no that was what happened .. the stories she came out with astounded me .. This particular story came about while we were house sitting , her parents had gone on holiday and took her younger brother with them leaving her at home to look after the house and dog . Anyway one night we were in bed and she was riding me and she told me about a time when her mum had slippered her it was early on in our relationship i had kept her out all night . I should point out at this point she had lied to me about her age she told me she was 19 and it turned out she was just 16 so her mum was a bit cross that she'd stayed out without letting her know and as a result she slippered her . i didn't find out until a few months later as she was embarrassed that she was still spanked at 16 . i hadn't told her at this point my liking for spanking her . Incidentally i did get her a few more spankings from her mother and her nan during our three years together .. i will at some point recall some more stories about Nikki particularly how i got her nan to slipper her in front of me ... result !!
  Anyway back to this story she told me about her mum slippering her and how it was all my fault .. i asked her some questions about how she got it etc .. then i asked if her mum still had the slipper because i had never seen these slippers her mum usually wore mules with enclosed toes and the slippers she described were a different colour and style .. she said i would think so , So we went up to her parents room and looked in her mums wardrobe for the slippers and there they were in the bottom of her wardrobe . Nikki got them and handed them to me . they were interlocked i took them apart and could see they were very well worn . they looked old then .. they were a flat mule toeless type in a dark rusty brown terry towelling with a semi clear plastic sole like an olive translucent colour made by m & s they must of been 10 years old then i had not seen any slippers like them and the soles were so stingy they were unbelievable compared to the fluffy mule i usually spanked nik with i slapped the sole against my palm and my hand stung for ages .. Nikki said these were the slippers her mum usually used to slipper her . her dad just removed his he was wearing apparently but her mum was more calculating and took the time to fetch these slippers to spank her with . i raised the slipper to my nose and inhaled the scent . which was quite strong especially as she rarely wore these nowadays nik said occasionally she wore them in summer . i laid back on the bed and Nikki took me in her mouth as i inhaled the aroma of her mums feet . I stopped her and said i ought to slipper her for not telling me about her mum spanking her .. it was practically deceit and i was going to give her a repeat of what her mother gave her . Her mother had been waiting for her in the kitchen to come in on the morning and had scolded her then told her while she lived under her roof she would be subject to her rules and that she was getting a slippering then she took her into the dining room bent her over the dining table pulled her leggings down .. she always wore black leggings .. she was wearing a thong so left her knickers up took the slipper off her foot , she was wearing them in anticipation of using them on Nikki and gave her about 50 strokes between both cheeks leaving her red raw and bawling her eyes out she hastily pulled her leggings up and ran upstairs . she was never grounded though . So we went downstairs to recreate this scene i bent her over the table holding her down and tapped her leg for her to lift her foot so i could remove her mothers slippers , I had her wear them for the rest of the week her parents were away , she raised her foot and i removed the slipper and slowly gave her 50 stinging strokes waiting for her to stop squirming between each stroke her bottom was dark crimson and dimpled when i'd finished and replaced the slipper on her foot . then i told her to get upstairs to bed ;o) i joined her upstairs to kiss her very hot bot better , she suggested i deserved a slippering as it was my fault she got one in the first place , she usually removed her slipper while we were in bed to spank me and spur me on and i can testify that these slippers packed a lot more punch than the fluffy mules she usually spanked me with in the same position . I hope you enjoyed this story , its all 100 % true and genuine Nikki and i were together for 3 years initially but on and off for the next 15 years and to this day she still has the first pair of fluffy mules i bought her 20 odd years ago ..

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Hi , i'd like to thank everyone for the fantastic response to the slippering group . As i said on that group its not just an extension of my blog .. its a safe place for likeminded people to show photo's and swap experiences . before simply asking to join because you like to steal photo's and distribute the accross the internet as your own think on ... I dont need to post anything my life will still go on weather i photograph or video it or not . I dont post anything for money or sell my clips , most of you who follow my blogs know my views on that . So please no stealing files and distrubuting them without permission thats what commercial pictures are for . If you continue to steal them people will stop posting amateur pics and vids for fear of where they may end up ... then who's the looser ??

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Hi all , I've just set up a new yahoo group called just slippers . dedicated to slippers and slippering that people can join and add to if they feel like sharing their own slippering or slipper pics or memoirs .. i do hope it works and i hope to see lots of you there .. cheers dave