Thursday, November 10, 2011


hello , as you've probably noticed i havent posted the video i mentioned was going to happen last post and havent posted for over a week ... well i thought i was on the mend but my eldest son bless him had other ideas .. as anyone who has a tribe of young boys will know life in our house is hazardous to say the least and they seem to think daddy's are like superman ie indestructable . But as i can prove that is not the case . He decided seeing as i was feeling a bit better to jump from the back of the sofa i was sat on onto my shoulders . im often leapt on in our house so its not unusual but it did set my recovery back somewhat ! my back and neck are much easier today so touch wood im now recovered and we should be child free on saturday . the slippers and cam are still upstairs waiting and kim is threatening a very good hiding to make up for lost spankings , so i'll post if all's well between now and then . Also in the spanking blog world today is lol day love our lurkers where they're encouraging all us lurkers out there to comment on spanking related things in general . anyone who follows my blog will know i encourage you to comment . I left a few comments on the blogs i read today but if im honest the ramblings of most socially retarded fuckwits that keep blogs dont interest me that much i just look at the pics ... lol . I dont know what that says about me .... well have a nice day and i'll post again soon .. comment or not its up to you ;)


  1. Hi SL,

    I'm a regular visitor to your blog, and always enjoy your posts. Thanks for being a part of LOL 6.


  2. Fuckwit new word for me. I read most of the blogs I visit but look at all the pics. Hope your back gets better .

  3. Happy LOL Day. We like looking at pictures too... lol.

    ~Todd and Suzy